Starting A Business With Pocket Change Part 2

change jar

In Part One of Starting a Business with Pocket Change I talked about the brainstorming and research you need to do while you save your change for your new enterprise. This next article focuses on specific steps to take and purchases to make when it’s time to create a business identity and launch your business, including recommended suppliers. Bear in mind: the information given is correct at the time it is written, but is always subject to change. Please double-check the details here before you jump into anything.

What goal did you set for your change savings? $100? $500? $1000? After reading this second article, list out what items you will need (and therefore what expenses you will


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4 Responses to Starting A Business With Pocket Change Part 2

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  2. Juan Millon says:

    Wow all that is really starting to add up there.. I’ve never had more than $30 in my coin jar. And how convenient I am in the process of starting a business too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tina Parcell says:


    Glad you liked the article! Hopefully this series will inspire you to save some extra change and get creative.

    Good luck with your business!

  4. Always believed that if folks knew how to start a business, as opposed to just getting a job, they would find the world opening up to them, financially and otherwise. Great article, great advice. BTW I started my business 15 years ago, on a shoe string, and it’s still going strong.

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