Putting Patents On Saving Money – Spend Every Dime

Financial wake-up call Putting Patents On Saving Money: This is an interesting article that totally blew me away. Apparently you can patent ways to save money on taxes and if you create tax savings in a way that someone else has patented, you have to pay that person a royalty.

Spend Every Dime!: Slate argues that the way the tax system is set up, it encourages Americans to spend now instead of save for later:

If I said to you, “You can have $10,000 to spend now–or $9,500 to spend in 10 years,” which would you choose? Probably the $10,000 now. And in doing so, you would be making the same choice many Americans make when deciding whether to save or spend their hard-earned cash.

The problem is how we tax investment gains. Over the past 80 years, the average annual return on Treasury bills (a proxy for savings accounts) has been 3.7 percent per year. Inflation, meanwhile, has averaged 3.1 percent per year. This combination has produced a “real return” of a paltry 0.6 percent per year. If you got to keep that 0.6 percent, you might still have an incentive to save: A $616 real gain on $10,000 in 10 years wouldn’t be much, but it would at least be $616 more than you have now. Unless you’re so poor that you’re exempt from taxes, however, or so flush that you can afford to lock up cash for decades in a tax-deferred annuity or retirement account, you won’t be keeping that 0.6 percent. You’ll be giving all of it–and probably more–to the government.

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  1. Jason Faulkner says:

    I don’t think someone can patent how you do your taxes. There would be no way they can find out you are violating the patent. That is like someone patenting a method of exercise. What they can do is prevent you from teaching other people or putting the idea in a book.

    Come on, have some sense.

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