Putting Patents On Saving Money – Spend Every Dime

Financial wake-up call Putting Patents On Saving Money: This is an interesting article that totally blew me away. Apparently you can patent ways to save money on taxes and if you create tax savings in a way that someone else has patented, you have to pay that person a royalty.

Spend Every Dime!: Slate argues that the way the tax system is set up, it encourages Americans to spend now instead of save for later:

If I said to you, “You can have $10,000 to spend now–or $9,500 to spend in 10 years,” which would you choose? Probably the $10,000 now. And in doing so, you would be making the same choice many Americans make when deciding whether to save or spend their hard-earned cash.

The problem is how


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  1. Jason Faulkner says:

    I don’t think someone can patent how you do your taxes. There would be no way they can find out you are violating the patent. That is like someone patenting a method of exercise. What they can do is prevent you from teaching other people or putting the idea in a book.

    Come on, have some sense.

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