Ten Ways to Celebrate National Gardening Month

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In the U.S., April has been designated as National Gardening Month. Four years ago, the National Gardening Association began pushing the Greening of America, one garden at a time.

Imagine the positive impact if everyone planted something. It doesn’t have to be a whole garden, but just something. A pot of herbs, a container full of salad greens or a hanging pot of flowers on a deck. I encourage you to decide to do something to celebrate National Gardening Month in your little corner of the world.

Here’s a list of frugal possibilities to get you moving:

1. Visit your local library and check out a mix of How To garden books as well as a few books highlighting famous gardens, just for inspiration.

2. Find out if your community has a local garden club. If so, put the next meeting on your calendar & make arrangements to attend.

3. If you have kids or grandkids that visit, plant something with them. Radishes are probably the speediest crop you could choose, but beans, lettuces and carrots are fun too.

4. Contact your city to see if they sponsor a city wide clean up day. If so, volunteer to help clean up one of their targeted areas.

5. If your city has a spring yard waste program, plan to participate by cleaning out a new garden area in your yard. Many cities are going Green by turning all the yard wastes into usable compost.

6. If you’ve never planted a vegetable garden, start now. If you’ve always had a veggie garden, plant at least one extra row and donate to your local food bank at harvest time.

7. If you don’t have space to plant a big garden but want to, make arrangements with a local P-Patch or Community Garden Plot and get to planting.

8. Contact your local Master Gardeners program. If they do soil testing, take in a sample of your garden soil for evaluation.

9. Research public gardens in your area and make plans to view them when they are at their peak.

10. If you have any plants, share them this month. Take a cutting to a friend, divide a houseplant and share one with a nursing home resident…spread the Green.

contrary1 is the editor of pfadvice sister site Frugal Gardening

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