The Frugal Gardening 10 Commandments

10 commandments of gardening

Every gardener has some commandments that the hold dear and follow. These are my 10 commandments for frugal gardening:

1. Thou shalt have fun: If you aren’t having fun while gardening, find another hobby

2. Thou shalt save money, not spend money: If you are planting a frugal garden, the bounty you receive should ultimately save you money over the amount you put into the garden

3. Thou shalt not acquire needy plants: Nothing makes it into my garden if it has specific needs or is just constantly needy (I sat through a garden club lecture & demo once where the speaker included the word critical more than a half dozen times…nothing goes in my garden that has a word like “


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5 Responses to The Frugal Gardening 10 Commandments

  1. donna jean says:

    These are some highly practical guideline fairly congruent with my favorite gardening book: square foot gardening. The partner and I were just talking about point #9 and both agree that our garden should be between the car and the house. Everyday we should have to walk past it and keep an eye on whats going on.

  2. Jeanette says:

    Another guideline that I can think of: Thou shalt not Covet thy neighbor’s plant enough to steal it or steal from it. This happens too often – just recently, someone has routinely been swiping my peony flowers as they open. I ended up cutting the rest off so I can at least enjoy them in the house. I also read another blog of a poor woman whose entire rose bush was dug up by someone in the night. If you like them that much, ask for a cutting!

  3. Bruce Miller says:

    Urine soaked newspaper around plants will suppress weeds and hold moisture in soil, as well as dicourage pests.

  4. Regina says:

    Well thought out and said. I enjoyed all the ideas, articles and guidelines.

  5. mike says:

    Rule #1 is unnecessary as it’s impossible to not have fun while gardening.

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