Mileage Maniacs – Watch The Ground At Casinos – A Credit Card Bonus For Paying On Time

Financial wake-up call Extreme Gas Savers: There is conserving gas and there are the extreme gas savers. Forget the 55 miles per gallon that a hybrid is supposed to get. They tinker with the cars in an attempt to reach 115 miles per gallon.

$17,000 in dropped coins: You no when you find a few coins stuck between the cushions when you clean the couch? Start looking in all those cracks and corners the next time you visit a casino. The Sands Casino which is getting prepared for demolition did one of those cleanings to find that people had lost a whopping $17,000 that had fallen near or under its slot machines.

Bonus For Paying On Time: This may be a first for the credit card industry – a credit card that gives you a bonus for paying your credit card on time. Of course, they emphasize that all you need to do is make the minimum payment (where they make the most), but it is refreshing to see a credit card not using questionable tactics to make you pay late for the fees they can charge.

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