Why Women Earn Less Than Men – 102 Year Old Takes Out 25 Year Mortgage

Financial wake-up call Why Women Earn Less Than Men: An interesting viewpoint from a woman on the subject:

In truth, I’m the cause of the wage gap — I and hundreds of thousands of women like me. I have a good education and have worked full time for 10 years. Yet throughout my career, I’ve made things other than money a priority. I chose to work in the nonprofit world because I find it fulfilling. I sought out a specialty and employer that seemed best suited to balancing my work and family life. When I had my daughter, I took time off and then opted to stay home full time and telecommute. I’m not making as much money as I could, but I’m compensated by having the best working arrangement I could hope for.

102 Year Old Man Takes Out 25 Year Mortgage: Not only that, it was an interest only loan for real estate speculation.

Jonathan Moore, of Mortgages for Business, an independent adviser based in Sevenoaks, Kent, told how he brokered the mortgage for the unnamed 102-year-old, one of hundreds he has arranged for pensioners. “This is a new phenomenon. Obviously there is an element of risk if property prices and rental income suddenly fall but there is no sign of that at the moment,” he said.

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