Financial Wake-Up Call 4-2-2007

Financial wake-up call The Reason You Should Eat Dessert At A Place Other Than At A Restaurant: The first reason I assume that most people reading here would come up with is the price since dessert is one of the items that has a huge mark-up at restaurants. Another reason, of which you may not be aware, is that even if the restaurant claims that their desserts are store made, in all likelihood they aren’t. If you want fresh dessert made at the establishment, you’ll need to go someplace else.

Living on a Dollar a Day: How the world’s poorest really spend their money.

The “very poor” are those who live on less than $1 a day. That benchmark–a rare piece of brilliant marketing from


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4 Responses to Financial Wake-Up Call 4-2-2007

  1. Dan says:

    3rd link (thief one) is dead.

  2. pfadvice says:

    3rd link (thief one) is dead.

    Must have exceeded bandwidth as it was working when I posted (I checked it then)…will remove it.

  3. Miranda says:

    I like to get dessert in the form of a trip to the local ice cream shop or pastry shop. It costs less than dessert at the restaurant, and I feel better about spreading the wealth to more local establishments.

  4. martha says:

    As an independent restaurant and bakery owner, I’m so tired of money saving tips for eating out! I’m running a business for profit, I have 2 kids to feed and tuition to pay. Encouraging guests to share entrees, order water with lemon (lemons cost .20ea by the way)and leave before dessert-yet enjoy the free homemade bread and butter, and take your leftovers home in an expensive styrofoam container, is a way for restaurants to go out of business. All that does is force us to raise entree prices and add plate charges for sharing. Maybe the chains can afford these thrifty ways, but not an independent. A guest uses heat/ac, toilet paper, napkins, silverware, causes parking lot wear-even cleans out the trash in their car and leaves it in our garbage can! If you can’t afford to eat out, leave a 15%-20% tip and not steal the sugars and butters-stay home!

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