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Why I Say Buy A Big New House

Hanging around the frugal online personal finance communities I see the general advice to buy the cheapest house you can afford. I disagree with this pretty heavily. We moved to a lower cost of living area in our early 20s … Continue reading

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Things You Shouldn’t Carry In Your Wallet or Purse

Yesterday, I was reading my email and one was from a friend who had just had her purse stolen in a drive-by purse snatching. While losing the money in the purse is definitely both maddening and frustrating, it’s much of … Continue reading

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Baby Life Insurance (Your Advice) – Design For The Poor – House Flipping Flop

This is a question that I get on a semi-regular basis and one that usually elicits quite strong opinions. How would you answer this lady’s question regarding life insurance for her baby? I want to know if I should get … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to do a spring cleaning of your house. Before you take out the trash can and throw out everything you no longer need, consider these options that can earn you a … Continue reading

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Where To Put $100K? (Your Advice) – The 96 Sq. Ft. House – How To Store Food

Today I received an email from a woman that has over $100,000 sitting in bank accounts earning interest from 3% – 5%. This is what she has to say: I’m not sure what do to with my extra money. I … Continue reading

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Free Wi-Fi On The Road

We’ve all been there: riding down the road on the way to a huge sales meeting when the half-caff no-foam double latte spills and ruins the directions. The only thing that will save the day is a WiFi hotspot so … Continue reading

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$17,000 In Overdraft Fees (Your Advice) – $3000 Car – If Personal Finance Were A HS Course

I’ve been getting more and more emails from individuals asking for my advice on specific issues. I have always been of the strong belief that a large variety of views are best and then choose the one that you think … Continue reading

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20+ Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Have you ever purchased something only to regret the purchase later on? Many times we think we want or need a product or service only to find out later on that we really didn’t. One of the most effective ways … Continue reading

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What Would You Do? – A Food Stamp Budget – What $600K Buys In SF

Smuggling Hope: What would you do if your loved one needed a prescription drug to survive, but you didn’t have enough money to afford it? An extremely well written article by a daughter whose father faced that situation and how … Continue reading

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Snowball Debt Reduction: Which Method Is Best For You?

There is always a lot of heated discussion on which is the best method to reduce debt: the classic highest interest snowball method: 1. Make a list of all your debts, ordering them from highest interest rate to lowest interest … Continue reading

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Starting a Business with Pocket Change Part 3

In Part Two of Starting a Business with Pocket Change (you can also read part 1 of this series) I discussed specific steps to take and purchases to make when it’s time to create a business identity and launch your … Continue reading

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Buying A Used Car

When shopping for a used car you can take two very different routes. In my younger years with much less cash I always bought used from a private party. But you can also find some pretty good deals at the … Continue reading

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Pay Gap – Can Golf Help You Get Ahead?

Study Sheds Light On Pay Gap Women Face After College: A new study says that the “pay gap between college-educated men and women continues to widen in the years following graduation.” Do You Need To Know How To Play Golf … Continue reading

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Why I Decided Not To Buy A House

Since I live in an expensive part of the country, I never gave a thought to buying a home. Everyone I knew, even successful people in their mid-thirties, rented. Then I started reading personal finance books, all of which said … Continue reading

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If you have ever been in a brick and mortar store and wished for the convenience of online price comparisons when deciding on a purchase, there is a service out there that tries to bring just that to your cell … Continue reading

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Money For Nothing – $4 A Gallon Gas

Money For Nothing: Do we have to do something to get money? Most people would say yes, but according to a recent study, today’s college kids don’t necessarily believe that. $4 A gallon Gasoline On The Way: Due to increased … Continue reading

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How To Pick Perfect Fruit Every Time

One of the most frustrating wastes of money is when you buy produce that ends up not tasting good. In most cases, I simply chalk it up to bad luck and take the loss. Part of the problem is that … Continue reading

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You Drive Too Much – The $5 Plan

You probably don’t realize it, but you drive much more than you need to. You get into your car much more often than you should, but there’s a simple way that you can make sure that you only drive when … Continue reading

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Can Spam Make Me Rich? – Health Care – History Of Home Values

Spam I Am – I try an Internet get-rich-quick scheme: See what happens when a writer from Slate decides to try one of those spam email get rich quick schemes. Health Care: Americans spend $7,100 on health care annually, while … Continue reading

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Starting A Business With Pocket Change Part 2

In Part One of Starting a Business with Pocket Change I talked about the brainstorming and research you need to do while you save your change for your new enterprise. This next article focuses on specific steps to take and … Continue reading

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