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The Coin Man – Pay For Your College Education With Other People’s Change

I went out with a friend the other night and we met up with a group of his friends I had not met before. Somehow the conversation moved to the topic of college. I ended up paying for a good … Continue reading

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10 Vital Housing Questions Real Estate Listings Can’t Answer

When you’re in the market for a new home, it’s easy to spend hours pouring over online listings. But don’t get too excited about that dream home that meets all of your criteria on paper: the listing is just the … Continue reading

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Free Plants – From The Funeral Home

Hold on and gain your breath. Before you discount this idea from the beginning simply from the title, bear with me on this one and know that this does work. Most people have to step out of their comfort zone … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-2-2007

The Happiest Man In The World: While not strictly personal finance, happiness is what many hope to achieve through getting their finances in order (not necessarily the money itself, but what the money will allow one to do). This is … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Trade In Your Stuff

Trading in your old model when you’re moving up to a new one can seem like a great deal at first, but you’ll often throw money away if you take this route. No matter what you’re trading in, the same … Continue reading

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10 Reasons That You Should Avoid Credit Cards

After writing 10 Reasons You Should Have a Credit Card, I figured it was just as important balance the topic and highlight the 10 Reasons to Avoid Credit Cards: 1. They can damage your credit score 2. They can come … Continue reading

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Dissecting Your Paycheck

So you made it out into the real world and received your first paycheck. Wait a minute…Where did it all go? You were expecting X amount of dollars, but probably received a lot less. It amazes me how little the … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-1-2007

Money Changes Everything: In a study about delayed gratification and risk, psychologists have found that people are more willing to wait to collect a money reward than they are for any of three consumable rewards — beer, candy and soda. … Continue reading

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