How to Get Free Reading Material for Plane Trips

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Why spend money buying magazines at the airport for full price when you can get them for free with a little advance planning? Many magazines allow you a free trial of one or more issues. Sign up for a couple of free trials four to six weeks before your next trip, and you’ll have free, current magazines to read on the plane. When you sign up, make sure to select the “bill me” option rather than giving them any credit card info, and when the bill comes, just write “cancel” on it and mail it back. It’s also best to use a fake name and email address when you sign up to help reduce or at least identify future junk mail — magazines frequently use their ma


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5 Responses to How to Get Free Reading Material for Plane Trips

  1. ken says:

    In the event you are charged for the subscription before cancelling, some publishers will refund the unused portion of the subscription.

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  5. lani rosario says:

    good job

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