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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-27-2007

Financial wake-up call Employer Assisted Housing: Could this become a trend for companies seeking quality workers in areas where housing is far from affordable? I could see it being a huge attracting bonus for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How Much Is A Million: In personal finance, we use a lot of big numbers, but it’s often difficult to grasp exactly what those numbers represent. here are a few references to give you a better understanding.

Cool Dollar Origami: If you liked my 5 Great Ways to Leave a Tip post on how to make dollar origami, Financial Hack has photos of a few more dollar origami that look much more complicated.

A look at the new forever stamp which will go on sale on April 12 for $0.41 – since this is the same price as the increase that will take effect May 14, it makes the forever stamp even a worse investment opportunity:

forever stamp

And some more reading:

Festival Of Frugality

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