When Should You Opt For A Professional Tax Preparer?

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Well, we all know it is that time of year. If you haven’t had your taxes done by now, maybe you are still trying to decide how you will go about getting them done.

I did a recent article on Free File. If you meet all the income and age requirements, and expect to have a simple tax return, this may be the easiest way to prepare your taxes. However, if you made a little more money or didn’t meet all of the strict criteria, but merely have a W-2 and some interest income, maybe even a mortgage deduction, your best bet is still some of these tax software companies. In general you can pay to use Tax Cut or Turbo Tax for federal filing and get free state filing, or receive an equivalen


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  1. sdjfuydj3g4c6t2q says:

    I tried the commerical tax software but didn’t find the instructions any clearer than the IRS instructions. What the software did help with was managing the data input and paper forms. The next year I found a method that was just as good for free. I modeled each form using a spreadsheet but only included the lines that applied to me. By linking the spread sheets I had the computer included the calculations from the different schedules onto the main forms so all the right lines were recalcuated if I made a changes in different places. When I was done, I downloaded the forms from the governement (state and IRS) web sites and filled them out in pencil so I could erase any mistakes. Then I photocopied the forms and signed the copies. I didn’t see any problem signing the photocopies since the quality was pretty much the same as printing out the downloaded forms. The the govt accepts downloaded forms printed on a home computer so they ought to accept the copies. I didn’t have any problems and got my refunds okay.

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