Financial Wake-Up Call: 3-20-2007

Financial wake-up call Alternative Minimum Tax Nightmare: A sad story about a couple that will likely lose their entire retirement and house due to the alternative minimum tax for money that they never even saw.

You May Be Paying More than Your Should For Gas: An interesting piece that claims that gas stations may be making an extra $2 billion or so a year by selling warm gas to us:

The devil is in the details, and while a little piece of pump equipment known as a temperature-compensation device does not change the temperature of the fuel, it does “compensate” for warm, expanded fuel. So why don’t fuel pumps in the U.S. all have one?

At this point, temperature compensation is not mandatory, and


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2 Responses to Financial Wake-Up Call: 3-20-2007

  1. samerwriter says:

    I have to say, and this may sound harsh, I have little sympathy for the people who got stuck with huge tax bills because they held onto exercised ISOs for the tax benefit.

    It’s too bad that these guys got crummy advice. But we all have to deal with crummy advice every day. If there weren’t repercussions for making bad decisions, like these guys did, there would be no incentive to make good decisions.

  2. Thanks for the mention.

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