Ten Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

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Last week, I wrote about the pitfalls of starting your own business. Now that we have discussed the potential downside, if you still want to take the plunge, here are ten tips for making your new business successful.

1. Set work hours and stick to them: When you’re self-employed, any time spent not working is time you aren’t making money. Don’t let this fact turn you into a workaholic. Make sure to schedule time for your other priorities, like relationships, hobbies, exercise, and sleep. In my experience, workaholics often think they’re getting more work done, but at a certain point they burn out and the additional hours spent working aren’t very productive. Yo


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5 Responses to Ten Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

  1. Steve says:

    All great advice on points 1 to 9. On Point 10 I differ.

    Entrepreneurship is about pushing yourself and pushing boundaries. If capital is required… then capital can be raised. I suppose it depends on the speed in which you are looking to grow your business.

  2. Alfa says:

    Thanks for these tips.

    One more tip is to maximize the potential of the Internet in advertising your business. Of course, this depends on what business you are going to put up. But many businesses nowadays can make use of some help from Internet marketing.

  3. Calvin says:

    Start Up Capital is something that many people do not understand. These 10 tips are great, but budgeting is usually what kills a new start up. :)

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