Financial Wake-Up Call 3-17-2007

10 Tips To Know For An Emergency: Some basic tips well worth reviewing in case an emergency ever happens from Frugal For Life.

Can a good house design save money?: “Conventional wisdom suggests that good design is a frivolity, not unlike a home theater or in-ground swimming pool. Not so, says Connecticut-based architect and author Duo Dickinson, who argues that smart design has a big payoff.”

Study: Does Money Make You Happy?: This is a question that I see debated quite a bit and Slate magazine has an interesting article on the subject:

Volumes of academic research measure the determinants of individual economic well-being–wages, income, and wealth. That is because money is supposed to buy not only necessities but also happiness, in the form of iPhones and TiVos.

Except that the relationship between money and happiness turns out to be complex. People with higher incomes today report higher levels of happiness than their poorer contemporaries. At the same time, people today are far richer than earlier generations, but they’re not happier than those who came before them.

And how is this for a pile of cash:

Police in Mexico found $206 million in cash tied to drug smugglers who imported chemicals used to make methamphetamines. (LA Times)

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