Tax Rap Contest

Yes, you read that title correctly and I’m still shaking my head a bit. It appears that Turbo Tax has launched a tax rap contest worth $25,000 to the person that can come up with the best Turbo Tax inspired rap. The promo features Vanilla Ice with the title “R U a better rapper than Vanilla Ice? Win $25,000 cash!” Here’s the video (warning: language)

Now that you thought you’ve seen it all, you haven’t seen anything yet. It seems that $25,000 (I doubt it is the free tax software) is too tempting for a lot of people and you can see more tax raps at The Tax Rap

Just because we’re experts in tax code doesn’t mean we can’t bust mad flow. Ahem.

We know you got what it takes to rap about taxes too. So lay it down and show us your rhymes- we got some chedda to give away. Yo, bring in the prizes!

GRAND PRIZE: $25,000
5 Viewer’s Choice Awards: TurboTax Bling!

Submit your Tax Rap here:

And Listen Up. If you send in a qualifying video entry, we’ll give you FREE TURBOTAX SOFTWARE just for uploading a rap video about TAXES*. That’s some crazy $&@* right there.
New TurboTax FREE Edition — Now Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY

Make sure you follow the rules and rap about taxes!
If you don’t, you’ll wind up at the Whack Raps page:

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3 Responses to Tax Rap Contest

  1. ~Dawn says:

    Oh, Good grief!

  2. Teri Newton says:

    LOL – I just saw this on the t.v. a bit ago – a bit of Vanilla Ice tax rap – but had no idea there was a contest – I better get to work! My hubby thought I would find Vanilla Ice rapping about taxes funny since I am knee-deep in tax season. I am not sure if taxes and rap mix. 😉

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