Financial Wake-Up Call 3-16-2007

Financial wake-up call Off The Power Grid With $0.00 Energy Bill: While this is something that is prohibitively expensive at the moment, one man did make the effort and succeed to get completely off the power grid. It’s an interesting read and a possible look into the future of where our power will be coming from.

7 situations where giving up a tax perk may mean more money for you: Americans love their tax deductions and most take everyone they can get, but is that always a smart move? Here are 7 situations where you might want to give up that tax perk even if you qualify for it.

Travel In the US & Abroad and Stay For Free: With accommodations taking up a bigger and bigger chunk of the travel budget, wouldn’t it be great if you could stay for free somewhere while traveling in the US or a foreign country? If all you require is a place to lie down, then there is a way that is especially popular with the younger generation.

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