IRS Free File – The Key Is State Taxes

irs free file

By now, you’re probably well aware that you can Free File your federal taxes through the IRS Free File program. What hasn’t been discussed a lot is that which of the programs you should choose to do your federal taxes depends on what they charge for the state taxes where you live.

Basically, the IRS has teamed up with private tax software vendors to offer “free” tax return filing for individuals with Adjusted Gross Income of less than $52,000. I say “free” because there are a lot of stipulations, and though federal tax returns are free, you still have to pay for the state returns. If you live in a state with no income tax though, then this is most certain


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2 Responses to IRS Free File – The Key Is State Taxes

  1. idlewildeone says:

    thank you!

  2. ParanoidMan says:

    I will never efile because I refuse to provide my private information to the software companies. If the IRS provided an all-encompassing identification number which translated into my SSN,address,ect. (so I do not need to give ANY personal information to the companies) then I might free file/efile.

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