The RobinHood Fund

RobinHood Fund

Have you ever wished upon a star? Perhaps you should stop looking out the window and instead wish on your computer.

The RobinHood Fund is an online community unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Members submit wishes: actual, honest to goodness wishes that are tied to a money value and classified as naughty ( i.e. slightly selfish) or nice (i.e. obviously altruistic). Other community members vote on the wishes, deciding which ones are the most worthy, and after a determined amount of time certain wishes are granted and the checks are cut.

Sounds way too good to be true, doesn’t it…

Well, the crew at The RobinHood Fund realizes this concept might be a bit hard for a pessem


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5 Responses to The RobinHood Fund

  1. Fern says:

    I guess my first question would be, where exactly is this money coming from and what kind of due diligence has been done to vet requests and separate the bogus/self-serving from truly worthwhile leads?

    This is not a registered charity.

  2. Tina Parcell says:

    You’re right, the site is not a charity at all; it is a commercial enterprise, and they do try to make that fact very clear. In the FAQ they describe how users can report a suspicious or possibly fraudulent wish. In the process of ‘Making a Wish’ there is a link to the Terms and Conditions ( which includes the following:

    “This service is offered strictly via the internet and is open to all people 18 years of age or older. This service is subject to all applicable federal, state, provincial, and local laws and/or regulations; it is void wherever prohibited by law. Any participant found or suspected of cheating or fraudulent behavior will not receive said funds and will forfeit all claims to monetary awards”

    “Robinhood Fund reserves the right to check the accuracy of the information entered by the participant and may withhold funds if any part of the wish or other entered information is found to be false or fraudulent, or is deemed so by the Robinhood Fund administration”

  3. Laura says:


    Great article! Thank you for pointing out this site. I have passed it on to someone on another forum who has some major medical issues. Hopefully she will be able to win a wish and get a little help.

  4. techguy says:

    I won one of these wishes and was granted $500. It’s a great website that is rather addicting.

    There’s no need to do due diligence. The idea of the site is to be able to support naughty and nice wishes. So some wishes are meant to be completely selfish, while others are very charitable.

    In fact, someone recently dugg the site.

  5. Angel says:

    The site is not there anymore I just tried it. We need Robin more than ever. The way things are some are protected more than others o matter if the proof of their wrong doing is there for all to see WE need help to make housing courts fair for both parties not just tenants(proof of fraud, etc.) Miss three (3) payments and BOA will want to take your home!! These people will find another apartment and do it again just use another family members name that will be clean. someone that has info or join me to fight for change!!!

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