Financial Wake-Up Call 3-13-2007

Financial wake-up call When To Replace Common Items: Most items need to be replaced at some time or another. Her is information when the following items should be replaced: air filters, computers, cosmetics, fire extinguishers, mattresses, perfume, pillows, running shoes, smoke alarms, spices and toothbrushes.

Five reasons to forget about money and focus on what makes you happy at work: Here they are from the chief happiness officer:

1: More money does not make you happier
2: Always thinking of money is bad for you
3: The actual amount doesn’t matter – fairness does
4: It’s not getting what you want – it’s wanting what you get
5: Your salary can make you unhappy – but not happ...

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One Response to Financial Wake-Up Call 3-13-2007

  1. Swarovski says:

    I disagree that the actual amount of money you earn doesn’t matter. Everyone has bills and everyone needs to earn a certain amount to cover them. Without earning that X amount it matters a heck of a lot.

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