Financial Wake-Up Call 3-12-2007

Financial wake-up call Did You Know That There Is A National College Personal Finance Competition? I didn’t until I ran across this article. Sounds interesting, but sure would be nice if it got a lot more press than it does (I only found two small articles about it in Google news):

The 22 teams had to research a personal finance case study involving a family in financial distress, Hansen said. The teams analyzed the case and presented their solutions to 20 judges.

Does Daylight Saving Time Really Save Energy?: While it might reduce the amount of light used in the home, there are some other factors to consider:

we tend to want our computers and our televisions and our radios when we want them. More important, daylight saving really pushed Americans out of the house at the end of the day. And when Americans go out of the house, they may go to the ballpark, they may go to the mall, but they don’t walk there. They get into their cars. Daylight saving increased gasoline consumption, something the petroleum industry has known since 1930. … This has been [a] tremendously effective spending policy. Retail stores love daylight saving. Because when we have an hour of sunlight after work, Americans tend to go shopping.

$1 Coin Could be Worth $50: If you purchased rolls of the new $1 coins (and especially if you live in Florida), you may want to break them open and see if you have a small prize inside.

And if you need some more reading:

Carnival of Personal Finance

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