5 Essential Garden Tools (+5 To Make Gardening Easier)

essential garden toolsWhen it comes to your garden, you need more than just plants to keep it alive. You also need the tools to keep the garden healthy and vibrant. I could survive with the first five tools if I needed to be really frugal, but I expanded my list to include the last five that most people would find essential:

Shovel: You’ll need a shovel and a regular round end shovel is the choice if you can only have one. There are other varieties, but a generic round end will work for most tasks: moving dirt, digging holes for new plants and dividing large plants to name just a few. There is a lot of dirt that needs to be moved when you have a garden making the shovel the number on tool on the list.



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4 Responses to 5 Essential Garden Tools (+5 To Make Gardening Easier)

  1. Pete Moss says:

    What are your thoughts about other types of garden tools? What about pruners, loppers, tree pruners, hand tools? Do you think they are important or can you do without them? I found a really great series of tools of this type.

  2. Rosanne Lorraine says:

    I think you would also think about other gardening tools that can help you in your activity. WORX has some of the best tools including the hedge trimmer and the lawn mover. These tools have cutting edge designs that make it incredibly user-friendly.

  3. I think Pete has a great point…what about shears, pruners, tree pruners? I think they are essential tools to creating a beautiful garden too.

  4. Using a cultivator is essential to creating and maintaining one’s garden.

    I couldn’t live without mine. Not sure how anyone can manage without one.

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