Financial Wake-Up Call 3-3-2007

Financial wake-up call What Type Of Shopper Are You?: Stores (specifically Walmart in this instance) has pigeonholed you into one of the following three groups: brand aspirationals, price-sensitive affluents or value-price shoppers according to this New York Times article. “Brand Aspirationals” are individuals with a low income, but have an affinity for brand names. “Price-Sensitive Affluents” are individuals with plenty of money, but love to find deals. “Value-Price Shoppers” are individuals who like finding low price deals and aren’t able to afford much more than them. Which one are you? (via Blueprint For Financial Prosperity)

How To Be A Bargain-Shopping Champ: Looking through the eyes of a true bargain shopper:

I got 40 cans of pork and beans without forking over a dime. I don’t pay for shampoo. Or toothpaste, lotion and many other toiletries. In fact, I often get paid to use them. I don’t spend money on the dishwasher soap and Scrubbing Bubbles cleanser that I give to my daughter. And the one-gigabyte flash drive and the paper-shredder I recently gave as gifts? Both free.

If you live anywhere near decent drugstores, supermarkets or office-supply stores, then you, too, can save a bundle. It’s pretty simple and takes up surprisingly little time. Here’s how.

Citigroup Ends `Universal Default’ on Cardholders: I had universal default as number 2 on my list of why you don’t want a credit card. This is a sneaky way of raising your credit card interest rate even when you have been paying them off without incident, so it’s great news to see this move. (via Frank The F.S.A.)

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