Financial Wake-Up Call 3-2-2007

The Happiest Man In The World: While not strictly personal finance, happiness is what many hope to achieve through getting their finances in order (not necessarily the money itself, but what the money will allow one to do). This is an interesting look at a man that “US neuroscientists have declared the happiest man they have ever tested”:

Developing happiness, Ricard argues, is a skill. Most people exist like beggars, “unaware of the treasure buried beneath their shack”. We can develop our potential as if “polishing a nugget” and eventually (omega) achieve happiness, “like a bird soaring into the sky when his cage is opened”.

Personal Finance is Scarier Than Terrorists: It seems that people in the UK (and probably the US isn’t far off) find money related issues much scarier than the threat of terrorism:

Today’s research shows that finances are perceived as the biggest threat to the quality of life in the UK by 24 per cent of respondents. In contrast, 11 per cent cited crime as their major worry, while terrorism and climate change were mentioned by less than one in ten and one in 20 respectively.

Give To Charity With Every Instant Message You Send: If you use Microsoft Messenger IM, you can now give to charity with every instant message you send. Simply place a code next to your IM name and every conversation you start will give a small bit to the charity of your choice. Charities include: American Red Cross, Boy & Girls Clubs of America, National AIDS Fund, Multiple Sclerosis Society,, Sierra Club,, Susan G. Koman for the Cure and UNICEF – an easy way to give to your favorite charity if you already use their system.

Just a quick note to readers – if you have a blog that deals with money issues, send me an email so I can add your rss feed when looking for stories for wake-up call. It’s been over a year since I have updated my feeds and I know there are a lot of newer financial bloggers out there that are writing quality posts.

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  1. midnight train says:

    wouldn’t it be the greatest to be referred to as the happiest person in the world? Definitely a goal worth pursuing!

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