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Letter of Instructions – What You Need After Your Will

If you have already prepared a will, power of attorney, health care directive, and perhaps a living trust if it is right for your circumstance, well, good for you. You can pat yourself on the back. But don’t get too … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-30-2007

$0.52 A Mile To Operate The Average Car: The latest AAA study says that “owning and operating a new vehicle in 2007 remains basically unchanged from a year ago at 52.2 cents per mile, or $7,823 per year, when driving … Continue reading

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Wasting Money When You Think You’re Saving

First impressions can be deceiving, especially when it comes to saving money. There are many instances when people believe they are saving money when in reality they are actually wasting it. This usually occurs because the person focuses on a … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Minimize Your Workout Costs

The only time in my life that I ever found it both easy and inexpensive to exercise is when I was studying abroad during my last semester of college. My minimal course load left me with plenty of time to … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-29-2007

Do You Want To Bail Out Sub Prime Borrowers?: With election year coming up fast, some politicians are proposing that these borrowers be bailed out with taxpayer money. Tax Freedom Day – All the money that you have earned up … Continue reading

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How to Get Free Reading Material for Plane Trips

Why spend money buying magazines at the airport for full price when you can get them for free with a little advance planning? Many magazines allow you a free trial of one or more issues. Sign up for a couple … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-28-2007

How To Find Cheap Plane Tickets: Elizabeth over at Money For The Rest of us is putting together a 15 part series on how to save money when traveling. While a lot of it is common sense, there are some … Continue reading

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Financial Laziness

A lot of problems with finances are the direct result of being financially lazy. That is, you know what you should be doing, but you’re just too lazy (or have a convenient excuse) not to do it. And while life … Continue reading

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How To Fine Dine On A Budget

Food costs take up a significant portion of everyone’s budget, and we incur the cost month after month. While it is possible to eat for a dollar a day if you’re desperate, curious, or masochistic enough, most of us have … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-27-2007

Employer Assisted Housing: Could this become a trend for companies seeking quality workers in areas where housing is far from affordable? I could see it being a huge attracting bonus for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area. How … Continue reading

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Mortgage Impounds – What You Need To Know

If you own a home, you have probably heard of an impound account, sometimes referred to as an escrow account. So what is an impound account anyway, and is it a good idea? An impound account is an account that … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-26-2007

Why Oil Will Reach $100 A Barrel: gas prices have already begun to rise again and it looks like it will be another expensive summer on the road. Here’s an article that says that we should expect high prices in … Continue reading

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When Should You Opt For A Professional Tax Preparer?

Well, we all know it is that time of year. If you haven’t had your taxes done by now, maybe you are still trying to decide how you will go about getting them done. I did a recent article on … Continue reading

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Where To Get Free Photos (Friday Freebies)

This week we’re focusing on photo freebies. If you have a blog or a website you know that images can make all the difference in the world. The same goes for graphic designers, desktop publishers, etc. While there are pictures … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-23-2007

A pie chart of who owns the US National Debt: Source: The Skeptical Optimist Why Having More No Longer Makes Us Happy: An academic look at the question that is quite in depth and fairly long, but well worth the … Continue reading

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10 Reasons You Aren’t Rich

Most people make the assumption that they are not wealthy because they don’t earn enough money, but the real reasons most people don’t build wealth is because of how they use money in their daily life. Here are 10 possible … Continue reading

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Coffee, Finances & Life

I received this in my email awhile ago and was reminded about it from a post in the forums. It is well worth sharing for those who may not have seen it yet: A group of alumni, highly established in … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why The Forever Stamp Is A Lousy Investment

There has been some discussion and I have received a couple of emails pertaining to the question of how good of an investment the forever stamp will be when it arrives. My answer: Lousy. While on first appearances purchasing forever … Continue reading

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Financial Wake-Up Call 3-22-2007

A Refreshing Refusal: With all the greed we read about in regard to those leading companies, here is a hugely refreshing take on an executive that was supposed to receive $10 million under the company’s restructuring: It is even more … Continue reading

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Home Inspection – Do Your Really Need One?

The first time a realtor explained the home inspection process to me, I thought, “What a load of crap! I can test the dishwasher and make sure all the outlets work myself! Why would I pay someone else $450 to … Continue reading

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