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10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

One of the problems that we have had to solve at our house is the quality of the air during the winter months when the windows are rarely opened. My wife suffers terribly from poor air quality (not to mention … Continue reading

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How Buying Mice Saved $15,000 Of Your Tax Dollars

You’ve likely heard of numerous stories in the past about the government spending ridiculously high amounts of money on basic items such as the $640 toilet seat, the $435 claw hammer and $7,600 for coffee makers. In an effort to … Continue reading

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Health & Computers: 20 Fastest Growing Jobs Until 2014

If you are looking for areas where workers will be in high demand in the coming years, look to the computer and health industries. The Department of Labor estimates that jobs in these occupations will make up the bulk of … Continue reading

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Don’t Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online

It’s that time of the year again when those in your office with girls in the Girl Scouts will be requesting you to buy their daughter’s Girl Scout Cookies. You can mark your calendar as that time of the year … Continue reading

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The Best Place To Hide Money: Conversation With A Burglar

I had quite the interesting conversation this weekend with a person who happened to be a former burglar. It was great timing because I was wondering if something like the skid mark underwear for hiding money would really work. I … Continue reading

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Why Contribute To Retirement Savings (video)

Here’s an interesting interview that is well worth watching just in case you need any more incentive to contribute as much as possible to your retirement plans. The interview is with Andy Eschtruth from the Center for Retirement Research at … Continue reading

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Marketing Campaign Gone Wrong

I just had one of the weirdest experiences trying to join a gym out here. I decided to join a gym for the swimming – that is one thing that I can’t really do on my own. So I looked … Continue reading

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10 Key Questions To Ask About Franchises

When people decide that they want to leave the corporate rat race and build their own business, they will often be faced with the choice of whether to purchase a franchise business rather than start from scratch. Franchises offer many … Continue reading

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One-Third Of Taxpayers Not Taking Free Money

The IRS sent out a press release due to many people making mistakes on getting the free money they are entitled to through the one time Telephone Excise Tax Refund for 2006 taxes. One of the points highlighted by the … Continue reading

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