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Can A Blogger Go Media Mainstream?

I found myself in an interesting dilemma this week and one that shows that bloggers, even those with small blogs as mine here, are being watched by the (more) mainstream media. It also shows that the lines between mainstream media … Continue reading

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“Free School” At A Cost Of $10,000

This isn’t your typical school. Imagine a school where there are no grades, classes, tests, or homework. Instead, the students, who range from ages 5 to 15, can do whatever they want all day. And for letting the kids do … Continue reading

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American Express Black – The Ultimate Credit Card

Forget the standard green and blue. Silver, gold and platinum don’t even come close. If you want the ultimate credit card, you want titanium (literally) and the color you’re after is black! Most credit cards would be fighting tooth and … Continue reading

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Cell Phones: Compare Plans At A Glance

One of the many problems with getting a good cell phone plan that meets your needs is that there are a dizzying array of cell phone plans available. To make it even more confusing for the average person, the offers … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Get Free Plants For Your Garden

While gardening is one of the largest hobbies in the US, how expensive a hobby it is depends a lot on how you approach it. It can be a quite expensive hobby when you purchase everything retail add up all … Continue reading

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Frequent Flyer Miles: Keep Them From Crashing

Frequent flyer miles was a fantastic and simple idea when it began a few decades ago. All you had to do was fly on your favorite airline and you could earn points for every mile you traveled. When you had … Continue reading

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Written On Money (photos)

I always find it interesting the way that people use money. While most of us think that money is used financial transactions, for some it’s also a place to jot down notes, scribble and doodle. I came across this site … Continue reading

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The Prenup Question

Whether you get engaged on Valentine’s Day or any other time during the year, the least romantic question about a forthcoming marriage is whether or not to create a prenuptial agreement (often referred to as a prenup or prenup agreement). … Continue reading

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Simple Resume Mistakes To Avoid

No matter where you stand with your job, even if you have just started, it’s in your best interest to always keep an updated resume handy if an opportunity arises. You never know who you might meet, when you may … Continue reading

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An Inexpensive vs Cheap Valentine’s Day Dinner

There are ways to inexpensively celebrate Valentine’s Day and then there are ways to be cheap on Valentine’s Day and these are not the same. Here is an example of the difference of the two: One might be making a … Continue reading

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Test Drive The Mazda CX-7, Get A Free $15 Best Buy Gift Card

If you like cars, these are always great promotions because not only do you have an excuse to go test drive a car, you get paid to do it. Many car dealers give away free gift cards to get you … Continue reading

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If Men Thought Up Valentine’s Day

While the men reading this will be spending nearly $120 (according to the National Retail Federation) and deciding between candy, an evening out with their significant other, flowers and jewelry, I won’t be worrying about a single thing because on … Continue reading

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How To Get Free Organic Fertilizer

There is little need to pay an arm and a leg purchasing fertilizer from your local nursery when there are plenty of ways to get organic fertilizer for your garden for free. The best part is that since it is … Continue reading

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Downright Scary Debt Collection Tactics

When it come to recovering zombie debt, debt collection agencies will go to great lengths to try and pressure you into paying back the debt even when you are no longer legally responsible to do so. In fact, it seems … Continue reading

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Flagstar Bank 10% 6 Month CD ($2500 Max)

If you happen to have a Flagstar Bank branch near you, you might want to take a quick trip there and ask them about their 10% 6 month CD promotion. jlvkfyang is reporting in the forums that they are offering … Continue reading

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Check Scams – Don’t Fall For These

It’s the con artists’ job to try to part you from your money and they continue to practice their line of work in new ways. One of their latest ploy that is meeting with success and you should be on … Continue reading

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Grills – Save Big Now On Summer Fun

With it being the middle of winter, most people’s minds aren’t on the summer grilling season. That is exactly why you can save some serious money if you enjoy grilling or are in the market for a new grill. Conventional … Continue reading

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Financial Lies – Ways We Convince Ourselves It’s OK To Spend

Surveys have shown time and again that people tend to fudge the truth when they talk to others about their money. White lies, mis truths and omissions range from not telling your spouse about the new pair of shoes or … Continue reading

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$15 Free Money Rebate From PayPal

If you do shopping on eBay or other online retailers using PayPal, you will like PayPal’s current promotion. PayPal is offering a $15 rebate on a single purchase of $30 or more made before March 31, 2007 at any qualifying … Continue reading

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10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

One of the problems that we have had to solve at our house is the quality of the air during the winter months when the windows are rarely opened. My wife suffers terribly from poor air quality (not to mention … Continue reading

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