Financial Wake-Up Call 2-28-2007

Financial wake-up call How Illegal Bundling Can Save You Money: Story Vent has an interesting post about an illegal sales tactic called bundling and how you can turn the tables on the store and save a lot of money if they do practice this. Basically, some stores will offer a big discount on an electronic item if you agree to a long term extended warranty, but you don’t have to sign for the extended warranty until you pay for the product. You go to the cash register and get the discounted price, then say you have changed your mind on the extended warranty and don’t pay for it.

Greener & Cheaper Cleaners: Dawn has put together a nice little list of the homemade cleaners she uses around the house that are both environmentally friendly and a lot cheaper than the stuff you purchase in the store.

Tell Your Boss That Afternoon Naps Will Save Him $$ On Health Care: Remember when you were in kindergarten and they would have nap time in the afternoon? Wouldn’t it be great if they had the same thing at work? Well, now you have your ammunition to try an implement a nap policy.

And if you still haven’t had your fill of reading:

Festival of Frugality
Carnival of Personal Finance (done with celebrity mug shots)

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