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Where's GeorgeHave you ever been curious about where the paper money in your pocket has been, and where it goes after it leaves your hand? If so, WheresGeorge.com is the website for you.

The Where’s George? Website was started in 1998, “for fun,” to track paper currency. The website has a form to input your bills’ denomination ($1, $5, any denomination), Bill Series, Serial #, and zip code. There is also a space to fill in a short note about the bill, and to write the condition of the bill when found. The downside is that although you input your zip code, the site just displays the city that the bill is found in, and most participants provide little further detail. Including m


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3 Responses to Where’s George

  1. davis says:

    I enjoy this site a lot. It’s fun to see where the money ends up going after it passes through my hands.

  2. vsjhoc says:

    I got change in a bar in Washington, DC which included a $1 bill stamped in red “wheresgeorge.com”. I had no idea what this meant, and spent it on another beer. A few days later, I found out, and I was disappointed that I hadn’t jotted down the serial number.

  3. zoom says:

    Good thinking Teri! I love that idea!

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