5 Great Ways To Leave A Tip

I was over at a Japanese friend’s house the other night and he started to show me how to make origami with Japanese money. We were having a great time when he said, “The only problem is that there is no tipping in Japan. When I was In the US, I would fold the dollar bills there and leave them as tips. It was so much fun watching the waitresses when they went to gather the tips. I miss doing that.”

That’s when it occurred to me that it really would be fun to leave your tips as origami. At the very least you would leave an impression and likely the people at the restaurant would remember you from that day forward whenever you came in. So here are five origami that shoul


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53 Responses to 5 Great Ways To Leave A Tip

  1. KC says:

    The shirt one is WAY COOL! I folded a 20 like that, put it in a card for my friend, and wrote “got you a new shirt. Hope it fits!” Can’t wait to hear his reaction!

  2. sherry Hall says:

    That is absolutely amazing. I used to have an ebook on this stuff which is no doubt gathering dust on my hard drive somewhere, but this has just given me a fresh idea. My son is now 8 and is very creative. I wonder if he could turn his hand to this? Not with my money of course, I would never get it back! :)

    Really great post…

  3. You’ve been blogging since 07? Impressive!

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