Can A Blogger Go Media Mainstream?

TheStreet.comI found myself in an interesting dilemma this week and one that shows that bloggers, even those with small blogs as mine here, are being watched by the (more) mainstream media. It also shows that the lines between mainstream media and bloggers are crossing paths more often with the creation of good content being more important than the academic credentials or media history.

Granted, I’m not a pure blogger. I started writing freelance articles in Japan before beginning our current website and blogs. It was those articles which were the beginning foundation when I decided to start the website. That being said, I would consider myself much more on the side of the bloggers. And it must be


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10 Responses to Can A Blogger Go Media Mainstream?

  1. Flexo says:

    This sounds exciting for you. Good luck!

  2. mapgirl says:


    That sounds really exciting. You should definitely take the offer! It’s got a lot of upsides for you as a writer and that’s part of taking care of your financial future too. It’s a great building block for starting that finance guru/book publishing-money printing career. *winky* (Man! Think of all the Hello Kitty stuff you can buy for your wife!)

    Good. Maybe I’ll start reading their website more often if you’re over there.

    Lots and lots of luck!

  3. That’s awesome, I look forward to reading it.

    Jane Dough of Boston Gal’s Open Wallet has gone mainstream media with the, not that it’s as well known as TheStreet, but it seems like a paying gig from her announcement.

  4. Valerie S. Johnson says:


    Congrats on a great opportunity! I’m sure you’ll add a lot of great content over there.

    I am living proof that someone who still doesn’t consider herself a “writer” can get some ink. A major national magazine (I’d rather not name it yet) just invited me to write an article. Maybe after it’s published in the fall I’ll be able to go to cocktail parties and tell people I’m a writer without giggling …

  5. Ruby says:

    Congrats! I enjoy reading your posts, and am glad to hear about the offer and am looking forward to reading your posts on as well.

    Good luck!

  6. Mike says:

    Congratualations. It sounds like an interesting opportunity.

    Are you able to add your URL in your bio line at the end of the article?

  7. ~Dawn says:

    Good luck in the writing endeavor

  8. pfadvice says:

    Are you able to add your URL in your bio line at the end of the article?

    That was one of the first questions I asked, but unfortunately they do not allow that (at least a live link). While that would have been an excellent opportunity, I think it will still work out well. I already submitted a couple of articles and they should start appearing at the end of this week, early next week.

  9. Aniela says:

    This sounds like a great opportunity. You will only get more exposure this way. I don’t see how it could possibly hurt you to do it.

  10. The Gambler says:

    Congrats. How has it gone for you since you made your decision? I’m a regular reading of the

    I have a question (if you can answer), what kind of money can a freelancer make for an article on I’m looking for a writer myself but I have no idea what to offer. What is a reasonable offer for a 500-750 word article?


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