Frequent Flyer Miles: Keep Them From Crashing

Frequent Flyer MilesFrequent flyer miles was a fantastic and simple idea when it began a few decades ago. All you had to do was fly on your favorite airline and you could earn points for every mile you traveled. When you had amassed enough points, you could redeem them for free travel. And “free” is a golden word when it comes to saving money, right?

Unfortunately, frequent flyer programs quickly became a victim of their own success. One of the biggest problems is that airlines allot only a small number of seats on each flight for those using their frequent flyer miles. As a result, in order to get that free flight, travel often must be booked in way in advance to even have a chance of a seat being


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2 Responses to Frequent Flyer Miles: Keep Them From Crashing

  1. JintsFan says:

    Why pay? Download for free. It is an app that runs on your Windoze PC and download the status from the each frequent flyer website. It also supports other programs beside airlines and hotels.

  2. Valerie S. Johnson says:

    JintsFan – thanks for posting the freebie version.

    One difference is that MileageMgr promises to email you when your miles are about to expire. The USAToday program says only that “Expiration dates are currently being tracked for several programs.”

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