Written On Money (photos)

I always find it interesting the way that people use money. While most of us think that money is used financial transactions, for some it’s also a place to jot down notes, scribble and doodle. I came across this site with photos of stuff people write on money which I found to be interesting. I immediately went to the US money I have and found one with a mark on it – it looks to be a stamp of some type although I can’t make out what it says.

written on money

I couldn’t find anything on the Japanese money I currently have in my wallet, but I will be on the lookout for some writing in the future. If you find something interesting on the money that you have, please feel free to send me a photo or scan and maybe I’ll start my own gallery…

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  1. My husband goes to http://www.wheresgeorge.com/ when he gets a bill that is either stamped or written on with that and puts in the seriel number to see where that bill has been. That’s sort of fun.

  2. Mike says:

    Australia has this horribly practical plastic money. If anyone wrote on it, you would be able to wipe it off with a wet tissue. It just doesn’t feel like “real” money.

  3. I found a bill in my husbands wallet that said ‘love you Jen’….I wondered if it was on purpose some malicious intent to irritate married men, or if it was a simple note from a Jen…

  4. trd says:

    Is it legal to write on money? e.g. write a website address in small letters, in pen.

    Because you can soak it to take it off, is it stil defacing it?

  5. andrew says:

    I love writing on money and painting coins.

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