Simple Resume Mistakes To Avoid

classified adsNo matter where you stand with your job, even if you have just started, it’s in your best interest to always keep an updated resume handy if an opportunity arises. You never know who you might meet, when you may get laid off or when you stumble across something new that might interest you. In addition to having your resume up to date, you want to make sure to avoid these simple faux pas in your curriculum vitae:

Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling Errors: When it comes to your resume, first impressions count for almost everything. A potential employer will only take a minute or two when reading the piece of paper that represents you. Any typo or other random mistake will make you look unedu


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2 Responses to Simple Resume Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Clever Dude says:

    We’re interviewing applicants for a high-profile job on our current contract and we found a MAJOR lie on the applicant’s resume. If I hadn’t of worked at that other company before, I wouldn’t have known that he never worked there.

    Our company would have found out in the background check that he was blatantly lying about a position on his resume, but it’s good that we didn’t waste too much of our time with it.

    If you’re interested I cataloged the incident and an update over on my site (

  2. Valerie S. Johnson says:

    Great example, Clever Dude. How did the interview go?

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