Ever Have A Dispute Over A Bank Fee? Read This…

This news story is for anyone who has ever had a dispute with a bank over a fee charged where they felt they were treated like dirt. While the story takes place in the UK, it will still bring a smile to your face. I still chuckle as I think of the debt collectors walking into the bank and taking computers off desks and placing money from the money drawers into bags while customers are sitting in the lobby.

Basically, a man named Declan Purcell was tired of the huge fees the bank was charging him and went to court to get them refunded. He won in court and when the bank still wouldn’t pay up, he hired a collection agency to collect for him. As he says: “I think the bank was pretty


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2 Responses to Ever Have A Dispute Over A Bank Fee? Read This…

  1. Tricia says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Carnival of Debt Reduction and thank you for participating :)

  2. ming says:

    The idea of bank frustrations, a guys battle against his own bank:

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