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Test Drive The Mazda CX-7, Get A Free $15 Best Buy Gift Card

Test Drive Mazda CX-7, Get Free $15 Gift CardIf you like cars, these are always great promotions because not only do you have an excuse to go test drive a car, you get paid to do it. Many car dealers give away free gift cards to get you into their dealership and test drive a car. Currently Mazda is offering a free $15 Best Buy Gift card to check out their CX-7. Unfortunately, this offer isn’t available everywhere, so you’re only in luck if you happen to be a reader living in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio or Wisconsin.

If you do live in one of these sates, you can fill out this form after which you’ll receive an email invitation that you can print and take to your local participating dealer. After test driving Mazda’s mid-size SUV, you’ll receive a $15 Best Buy gift card for your time.

3 thoughts on “Test Drive The Mazda CX-7, Get A Free $15 Best Buy Gift Card

  1. Yeah, that’s a low return for the time/effort invested, but I guess if you enjoy test drives, it might be worth it.

    I considered the CX-7 since it has a turbo-charged 4 cylinder and I expected it to have decent mileage ratings in a decent looking car. Well, it doesn’t. The mileage rating is the same as on my Tribute/Escape which has a 10+ year old gas hogging 6 cylinder engine. Very disappointing. I was hoping that it would be a “peppy” engine that got good mileage combined with a decent looking body which could hold a bit of cargo (that part is OK).

  2. used to, you could get all sorts of stuff for free for test drives. I got a kenneth cole watch one time, and almost got a swiss army watch if I didn’t miss the promotion. I havent seen anything as good in years..

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