Financial Lies – Ways We Convince Ourselves It’s OK To Spend

Gift BagsSurveys have shown time and again that people tend to fudge the truth when they talk to others about their money. White lies, mis truths and omissions range from not telling your spouse about the new pair of shoes or tech toy you recently purchased, to not mentioning to your fianc’e about the recent bankruptcy filing you had to make.

Of all the money lies we tell, some of the most destructive are the lies we tell ourselves. What is the danger in this? The danger comes from the fact that we may actually believe these fibs we tell to ourselves. Although it may seem paradoxical to those looking in from the outside (seriously, how can you effectively lie to yourself when you’d have t


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6 Responses to Financial Lies – Ways We Convince Ourselves It’s OK To Spend

  1. Sometimes people get so far in the hole that they get overwhelmed. They have so much debt, they tell themselves what’s one more purchase.

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  6. Bernard says:

    Bingo! I am guilty of using such excuses as well. Especially when they are items put on sales. Like 20% off the designer jean.
    “Hey, I am helping to build my wealth…I just saved $40 off the pair of jean which would have cost me $200!” So I thought I was smart in my wealth building! Hahaa…

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