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How Buying Mice Saved $15,000 Of Your Tax Dollars

miceYou’ve likely heard of numerous stories in the past about the government spending ridiculously high amounts of money on basic items such as the $640 toilet seat, the $435 claw hammer and $7,600 for coffee makers.

In an effort to try to change these perceptions, the Office of Management and Budget recently upgraded its website to provide more detailed information about how federal programs are being made more effective. This includes actual examples of successful instances where the government was able to save money.

The current poster children for these saving money efforts are the mice at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma. In the past, the Interior Department staff themselves spent time and money raising mice to feed to the snakes and other reptiles at the refuge. In the example of cost cutting, the staff calculated that purchasing mice from outside vendors could save $15,000 year and this saved money could instead be spent improving and expanding the nature trails.

If you are interested in learning more about how your tax dollars are being spent, you can do so at

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