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Health & Computers: 20 Fastest Growing Jobs Until 2014

health careIf you are looking for areas where workers will be in high demand in the coming years, look to the computer and health industries. The Department of Labor estimates that jobs in these occupations will make up the bulk of the 20 fastest growing jobs for the period 2004-2014. More than 50% of these jobs are in the health-care industry with another 25% coming from computer related fields. Jobs in health care shouldn’t be a surprise as the Baby Boomer population gets older and lives longer with an increasing need for medical services. Computer-related occupations high growth rate is the result of ever increasing digitization of our lives.

According to the Department of Labor, the following occupations are projected to have the greatest growth rates through 2014:

1. Home health aides
2. Network systems and data communications analysts
3. Medical assistants
4. Physician assistants
5. Computer software engineers, applications
6. Physical therapist assistants
7. Dental hygienists
8. Computer software engineers, systems software
9. Dental assistants
10. Personal and home care aides
11. Network and computer systems administrators
12. Database administrators
13. Physical therapists
14. Forensic science technicians
15. Veterinary technologists and technicians
16. Diagnostic medical sonographers
17. Physical therapist assistants
18. Occupational therapist assistants
19. Medical scientists, except epidemiologists
20. Occupational therapists

A large number of the health-care positions are for support staff such as assistants and aides. This means that those who are interested in changing careers would be able to fill many of these positions without getting a medical degree. The next time you watch “Grey’s Anatomy” or “House,” pay closer attention to the other health-care employees all around the main characters – they are the ones that have the jobs which are in high demand.

From the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Tomorrow’s Jobs,” Chart 7, Percent change in employment in occupations projected to grow fastest, 2004-2014.

2 thoughts on “Health & Computers: 20 Fastest Growing Jobs Until 2014

  1. i realize that the list reflects the market need. if there is a need for more assistants and technicians, why not more doctors and dentists? is there a glass ceiling on becoming a boss, entrepreneur, and being independent?

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