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Pay To Recharge Your Cell Phone

I walked into a store the other day and when my eye caught hold of this I thought, “wow, that is some funky looking phone: As I approached closer I saw that it was anything but a pay phone. It … Continue reading

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RecycleBank Pays You To Be Green

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid to be green? That is the concept behind RecycleBank where people in Philadelphia (PA), Gloucester County (NJ) and Wilmington (DE) are getting paid to be green. While limited to these small … Continue reading

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Back In Japan & A New Idea

I’m back in Japan, spent most of the weekend unpacking and trying to get my Internet connection up and running. Those issues have been resolved so it looks like I can get back to writing. Those of you who read … Continue reading

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Off To Japan

There is going to be a significant lack of posts this week (probably none) because I am once again heading back to Japan to live. While this wasn’t a planned event, one thing that you should always expect from life … Continue reading

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Simple Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Razors

Plain and simple, razor blades cost a lot of money. While the razor itself doesn’t usually cost all that much (many times they can be found for free), you still end up paying quite a bit to shave because razor … Continue reading

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Free Exhibition Floor Pass To MacWorld Expo 2007

If you are going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area next week, then you’ll want to pick up some free tickets to the Exhibition Floor of Apple’s MacWorld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2007 at the Moscone Center … Continue reading

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2006 Review & 2007 Goals

2006 certainly was an interesting year. While we fell short in a lot of goals that we initially set, overall it was a good year and nothing to complain about. Many of the goals fell short due to us changing … Continue reading

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The Art Of Getting Bumped Off A Flight

Why would anyone want to get bumped of a flight? Because there is money to be made in doing so…By doing a small bit of planning, an hour delay at the airport could be worth several hundred dollars off your … Continue reading

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IRS Tax Deduction

Had to smile when I saw this: Courtesy of blakefacey

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