5 Little Known Ways To Drastically Cut Textbook Costs

save money on textbooksWhen it comes to getting textbooks for school at decent prices, most students know that the college bookstore is going to cost them more than most other places. They also know the basics on where they can find textbooks at better prices: eBay, half.com, using textbook price comparison engines and the like. The following are some lesser known or not widely used ways that you can drastically cut the cost of your textbooks:

1. Purchase The International Edition: One of the least known secrets of the college textbook industry is that the International edition of a textbook will usually be significantly cheaper than the US edition. While there may be a slight difference between an international e


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6 Responses to 5 Little Known Ways To Drastically Cut Textbook Costs

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  2. Cholin says:

    Great article! Mind if I post, with proper credit of course, on another site?! My friends will love this!

  3. pfadvice says:

    Great article! Mind if I post, with proper credit of course, on another site?! My friends will love this!

    I’d appreciate it if you’d do a summary or a short blurb of the post and then post a link back to the original article rather than post the entire article on your site.

  4. Just FYI, it is illegal to purchase an international edition for use in the U.S.—and, perhaps more importantly, international editions are usually substantively different than U.S./North American editions. I’d go the library route.

  5. Daniel says:

    Most people can’t even begin to imagine the lengths publishers will go to screw students out of their money.

    One of the latest biggest schemes is the “custom edition” printing for specific school. What they will do is go to a professor and say: “We can make a custom book for your students! We’ll even put your name on the cover. We will also take out the chapters that you do not use, and as a result your students will have to pay less!”

    Sadly enough, often professors do not realize that even though a student will pay less initially, he/she will have no chance of selling the book after the class is finished. This custom book will have a different unique ISBN and absolutely no market for it.

    Listing it on a national marketplace (amazon.com, textbookx.com, half.com) will not work, since sites probably do not even have that custom ISBN in their database. I know that textbookx.com let’s sellers enter this custom information, and they will eventually try to link it up to the national book, which has much higher chance of a sale.

    Anyhow, there is only a tip of the iceberg, but students will be better off if they are aware of schemes like this.

  6. Geoff says:

    Just wanted to clarify one of the earlier comments. Although publishers would love it to be the case, it is not in fact illegal to purchase international editions, in any way shape of form. So long as you aren’t stealing your textbooks, the law does not involve itself.

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