Media Ignoring GM $1.99 Gas Promotion Debacle

GM Fuel Price Protection

Last June I wrote a piece about a $1.99 a gallon gas promotion that GM was doing for certain vehicles. Basically, the program capped the cost of gas at $1.99 a gallon for the year for those who purchased the qualified vehicles. It seemed like a nice promotion if you were in the market for one of the vehicles listed, but it seems that the promotion has been nothing but a headache for a lot of people that tried it.

The thread has continued to have people leave their frustrations about the program and how getting the money for the gas as promised has been a struggle to say the least. The website where people are supposed to be able to locate their balance ( been down a number of times for extended periods and appears to be down again as I write this.

To make matters worse, when people tried to contact GM about it, they were told by employees they knew nothing about the program:

Upon our purchase 7/1/2006 we received the initial $100 in July, then $60. in August, we have driven over 6000 miles on our new 2007 Yukon thus far and have not gotten another dime from the GMFPP.

The program runs through OnStar and OnStar gives you the run around (they did not do the diagnostics as required) and the operators at OnStar seemed to have have memorized “We do not know anything about the GM Fuel Protection Program” and “I am sorry I have no idea who you need to talk to.”

The sentiments on the gas card the program promised repeat one after another:

I, too, received the $1.99 per gallon credit card with the new Buick Lucerne I purchased in June of 2006. The first month the card was loaded with a $100.00 as promised, but after that we are constantly running out of credit and i’m told “purchase denied” at the gas station and have to use my own credit card. Just tried to find my balance on the Internet, as I was again denied a fuel purchase today in the amount of $35.40, but to no avail!! I’m glad to see I’m NOT the only one feeling screwed!! Hello “class action” !!!!!

I would assume that with all the complaints my little blog was getting it wouldn’t be long for the media to pick up on it, but half a year later, that hasn’t been the case. Although I have been keeping my eyes open so that I can refer the people that come here to this blog to where they can seek some help, I haven’t seen anything mentioned about it.

So in the hopes that someone within the media that has some clout and wants a story that hasn’t been aired, but has a lot of people pissed off about how badly it’s been run, I give it to you to run with it. It’s a shame when a company comes out with a promotion like this that gets a lot of media attention and then fails to deliver on it to media silence…

3 thoughts on “Media Ignoring GM $1.99 Gas Promotion Debacle

  1. Knowing GM procedures as well as I do, this doesn’t surprise me a bit.

    I’d say that I’m sorry for the folks that are getting the runaround with this program … but I’m not.

    Buy a mediocre product from a horribly-managed company, and you get what you get.

  2. I’ve had issues too, all of which have been resolved in a timely fashion when I called the 800 number on the back of the card. The problem at the gas stations was because I was trying to use the card at the pump, but you just have to use it inside with the cashier.

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