Skid Mark Safe – Disgusting, But If It Works…

skid mark underwear money safeSometimes solutions to problems are a lot easier than they would first appear. Take finding a hiding place for you valuables. Conventional wisdom would lead you to hide them away in some hard to find secret location with the hope a thief wouldn’t look there. A better solution would be to find a spot where the burglar wouldn’t go even if he could see it. That is the concept behind the underwear skid mark safe.

The “Brief Safe” is an innovative diversion safe that can secure your cash, documents, and other small valuables from inquisitive eyes and thieving hands, both at home and when you’re traveling. Items can be hidden right under their noses with these special


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26 Responses to Skid Mark Safe – Disgusting, But If It Works…

  1. Madame x says:

    That is hilarious and truly gross! But do they come in male and female versions?

  2. ~Dawn says:

    Why not just DIY ? Think of all the money you will save!!

  3. Steven says:

    LOL x 10 – that is disgusting!

  4. hustlermoneyblog says:

    haha…damn that is nasty. lol

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  6. says:

    I think you’ll scare away more than burglars with these! Goodbye girlfriend! lol

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  10. dudeman says:

    They should make period soaked panties too that have room for money

  11. cbr says:

    Th last comment works. Years ago, My sister, age 12 left a pair of her underwear with a used sanitary napkin in her underwear drawer. My parent’s house was burglarized and her room was the only room left alone after the top drawer was opened. Everyone else in teh family lost money and jewelry, but not her.

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  14. laughing says:

    LOL Currently see 1 on sale on eBay for just $16.99!! Item 320014115986

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  18. Jenny Callen says:

    I just crapped on all my electronics goods. Now they are all safe ;-)

  19. Rowly says:

    If I were a burglar, this would be the perfect site for me. Now I would be able to recognize fake stinky pants and go right in for the cash. I will not ever buy these undies or even try to fake it by scribbling brown crayons on some undershorts. The evil ones use the internet for research, too, you know.

  20. Steven R. says:

    If this was as original and clever as it sounds, now every burglar will know it and will check the dirty laundry bag first.

  21. soultofu says:

    but how about the burglars reading this that will now be picking through genuine skid marked underwear looking for money….heheheheh.

  22. JeroenV says:

    What about burglars with dirty underwear fetish? They’ll be pleasantly surprised, and you’ll lose both the cash and the ‘safe.’

  23. Scotty says:

    The only problem is I wuldn’t be able to tell them from my real underwear LOL.

  24. lol says:

    now every burglar will check skidmark underware for a chance at striking it rich!

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  26. skidmark says:

    The author’s name is seriously “Stain?”

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