10 Best Places To Find Money When Walking

finding coins on the streetI wrote last year that I like to look for money when I walk around. I find a minimum of $50 a year and would estimate that I clear over $100 most years (in helps living in Japan where they have $1 and $5 coins). I received an email asking me where are the best places to find coins and so here is my top ten list for those who want to try.

Before I begin, let me emphasize that if you are doing this to try and make extra money, it’s not going to work. While it may be hard to understand, it really isn’t about the money. I have had a lot of friends in the past that have heard about how I am able to find money and decide they are going to try it too – and invariably, they come ba


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64 Responses to 10 Best Places To Find Money When Walking

  1. Vegas Money Collector says:

    I am sure this doesn’t benefit many of you, but living in Las Vegas, I literally just walk the strip, go into every casino and Look all over the floor, press cash out buttons on machines, sometimes people just drop their paper tickets without cashing them out.

  2. theguywhothisarticleisatramp says:

    your a tramp

  3. simranjit says:

    You can find money in the park on the grass.

  4. Megan says:

    Ok, I’m sorry if I come off rude, but what if that was your one hundred dollar bill that accidentally fell without you knowing. First of all you are teaching your son bad manners and second that person must of felt absolutely sick to their stomach when they found out. You didn’t even give a second thought about that, did you? There is a huge difference between a couple bucks and someone’s rightfully earned money, that you wasted on some kids stuff.

  5. Lea says:

    if they didn’t know who it belonged to, what are they supposed to do? Judgmental much?

  6. 2 Legit 2 Quit says:

    whoever wrote this is not legit

  7. rackcitychic says:

    Ha..i call it treasure hunting..i always find something..i pick up scratcher lottery tickets..i have found $1 to $50 discarded scratchers…as a passenger in car my eyes are peeled lok searching roadside..curbside..parkin lits etc.. oh the casino..thecasino..found a wallet all tore up completely empty except 4 $100 dollar bills…check cigarette packs for sure..$280 in one at a bar parking lot…gold rings found on ground..backpacks purses…bags from store with goofs in them…hello people drop stuff all day everyday…show the love ..pay it forward when u can…if u found it..it is yours.. hey el grumpo up top…bitter much…wow..oh look theres a $100 on the ground better leave it their i bet that robin dropped it…lol..

  8. Judge Mental says:

    Not only are you being a little judgmental, but if that person lost a 100, it proves he or she (or they) did not want it bad enough, because if they wanted it bad enough, they wouldn’t have lost it. I’ve NEVER in my life lost a 100. Why? Because I want all my 100’s. And so even if they earned the money, if they didn’t want it bad enough, why should they have it back?

  9. cath says:

    I’m always looking for lost money. I find about $50 a year. It’s there if you just look.

  10. peter says:

    moneys always good, its causes arguments, fights and even wars i for one love robbing people for money. And finding money, well that would prevent a lot of fatallities and will result in a much better crime free countrie so why not let it rain money from the heavens praise the lord, amen.

  11. looooooooooool says:

    Found a $5 bill down the back of a seat in a bar and I also pulled out a small bag of excstasy pills I handed the pills in not the money =))

  12. money says:

    Always look at a football game look in the bleachers.I’ve found 10 coins in a day one time.

  13. Lucky duck says:

    My husband and I went to disney world for our honeymoon we had gotten on one of the roller coasters and stuffed down the side of my seat was 40 dollars rolled up! So keep your eyes open at amusement parks people are always losing money on rides.

  14. GamingNews101 says:

    I live in an apartment so I have a really big parking lot were all the cars park to go to there apartments I mean people don’t really pull out money when getting out of the cars but I still love walking around the huge parking lot in the afternoon
    I don’t find much but its worth it!

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