TV Producer Looking To Interview Someone

I received an email from a TV producer named Pam Wheaton Shorr who has sought people from our forums on other stories in the past that is putting together a story about the new IRS option to split your tax refund into several different accounts. This is what she is looking for:

I produce consumer reports for local television stations around the country. I am in the middle of doing a story on the new IRS option that allows people to split their tax refunds and deposit into different accounts. The IRS feels this is a good new option to help people save more for their retirement.

I am looking for a consumer who is willing to talk with me on camera about how this new option might help them save more of their refund. Ideally, this person would be someone who already ends up splitting up their refund after it arrives and who’d like the IRS to do the work for them, or someone who thinks the new option would be a better way to make sure that they sock away part of their return in savings or an IRA, etc. We shoot all over the country, so if you are interested and would like to get in touch, I would really appreciate it!

If you would be interested in lending your opinion to the story, you can contact her at [email protected]

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