Brush Up Your Investing

If you are looking for ways to begin, improve and / or confirm your investing knowledge, you don’t have to pay a lot (or any in this case) money to do so. Morningstar offers 172 free investing classes broken down into 4 areas: stocks, funds, bonds and portfolio. An added bonus is you can earn a free 2 month Premium Morningstar subscription by passing the small quizzes at the end of each of the courses.

For more information, visit the Morningstar Investing Classroom

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  1. Kristine McKinley says:

    I love the Morningstar classes. As a financial planner, I provide basic investment principles to clients, but if they want to learn more than I can provide during our financial planning time, I frequently refer them to Morningstar for their classes as well as the great articles. I didn’t realize you could earn 2 free months of the premium membership, though. Thanks for sharing!

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