The Best Cat Toy That You Can Buy

laser pointer - great cat toyWe have four cats as my wife has a habit of collecting strays she comes across and she treats them like they are her own babies. What that means is that she spends quite a bit of money on cat toys, a lot of which is wasted because although we think the cats will like some toys, many times they do not.

There is one item we have purchased which was by far the best investment we ever made when it comes to cats. It isn’t the soft and fuzzy toy you may be imagining – in fact, it’s made of hard, cold metal. What’s more, it’s something that you probably won’t find at your local pet store (and if you do, it will be way too expensive). Instead, you should head to your local small business store and pick up a laser pointer.

Cats playing with the laser pointer
playing with the laser pointer

Not only does this always entertain the cats (ours get almost as excited as when we bring out the food), if you have indoor cats like we do that normally don’t get enough exercise, the laser pointer solves two issues at once. They have a toy the will love and in the process they will get plenty of exercise.

They cost less than $10 and your cats will love you for it (it’s also a wonderful gift to give any friend that has a cat).

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6 Responses to The Best Cat Toy That You Can Buy

  1. phantomdata says:

    My cat doesn’t care for laser pointers at all. One of my friends had one over at my apartment once and was attempting to play with Babbles (the cat). She looked at the point for a moment and then looked straight at my friend with this condescending stare as if to say; “What in the hell are you doing?”.

  2. vsjhoc says:

    Just make sure you don’t point the laser directly into their eyes (or any human’s eyes) — it could cause damage.

  3. Charles Martin says:

    I’ve done this with our cat. He seems to know where it comes from, but still loves chasing it. I just gotta get new batteries for it.

  4. Henrik says:

    Another great and durable cat toy is a ping pong ball. Cat vs Ping pong ball on wooden floor, the ball wins 🙂

  5. fractalbrothers says:

    all our cat needs is a lid from a 20oz bottle and she’s good to go. she will actually play fetch with it too.

  6. mahanda says:

    my cat loves to chase the light, but she is just a happy chasing the beam from a flashlight.

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