IRS Tax Deduction

Had to smile when I saw this:

IRS Tax Deduction

Courtesy of blakefacey

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5 Responses to IRS Tax Deduction

  1. And he seems quite unaffected by the statement at that. I’m sure mom and child will have lots of laughs over this in about 13 years. I wonder if the manufacturer of that carrier could have made the warning label any more prominent.

  2. makingourway says:

    the government is phasing out many of my deductions due to our high income.
    does this mean they’ll phase out our children, too? maybe just the diapers?

    hmmm what’s the impact of amt on children? maybe if you earn too much, you’renotallowed to have them?

  3. Jason says:

    It is funny you posted this picture. My wife and I actually just had a child two days ago on December 31st. As an accountant, I have been getting comments from everyone on the tax advantage.

  4. Nomar says:

    hehe great article !!!

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