Tooth Fairy

tooth fairyOne of the special moments that occurs when children are growing up is the loss of their first teeth. To celebrate this special occasion, parents often leave a small amount of money under the child’s pillow in exchange for the tooth that has been lost. Here are some ideas to make the exchange a memorable and exciting event for your kids.

Decide on the appropriate amount you want to give for the tooth. Most people leave between $1 and $5. Some people like to leave more for the first tooth and then a lesser amount for each tooth thereafter (for example, $5 for the first tooth and then $1 for each tooth after that). Use your best judgement on what is the appropriate amount, but take care


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3 Responses to Tooth Fairy

  1. fractalbrothers says:

    good ideas. I remember being all excited getting a quarter when I was a kid. It was a big deal to save $100, and my parents would match anything I put in the bank.

  2. Dan says:

    I had no idea what the Tooth Fairy’s going rate was, and the Dollar I left apparently wasn’t up to Tommy’s expectations (Connecticut is expensive in every way). I asked folks at work the next day and everyone said three to five bucks. THREE to FIVE BUCKS?! Holy Cow! I thought a buck was pretty darned generous; maybe twenty nickles would have been better…

  3. Felix says:

    I can’t believe that the average is so high. I give a gold colored dollar coin and my kids love it. I think too many are trying to buy love with the amount they give.

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